Need an encouraging and inspirational speaker for your group?   

Whether it’s a women’s group, church congregation, FCA, rotary club,  or any group that needs encouragement and motivation, I can tailor my talk to any audience!

I’m available to speak on the following topics:

*Running Your Own Pace

Using the analogy from running, I encourage others to live life at the unique pace God has created you for. It’s easy to get swayed by the crowd and try to keep up with others in this crazy race we call life. But we’ll crash and burn out quickly if we don’t live out the life God has called us to. I also speak to the problem of getting caught up in the comparison trap. We all struggle with this and I love encouraging others to find a different perspective.

*Overcoming Obstacles

Just as runners have obstacles to overcome on a race course, we have challenges and difficulties in life that constantly want to trip us up! I talk about the “hills”, “storms” and “hitting the wall” from a runner’s perspective and how we can learn some valuable lessons to apply to our own lives when things get rough. I share some snippets of my own past struggles to connect with my audience.

*Making Time for Rest and Refreshment

I talk about how rest is so vital in our busy, stressed out lives! Just as runners must take a day to rest physically, we ALL need to carve out a day for rest and unplug from the crazy treadmill of chaos we often find ourselves in. I challenge others to make time for rest and carving out places of refreshment along the way.


I can combine all topics into a short single presentation (20 minutes or more).

I can also go into more depth with each topic (20-30 minutes each).

These topics also work well with a one day event or a weekend retreat.

If you’d like more information or want to talk to me about speaking to your group, contact me at lapreuett@hotmail.com

Blessings to you!