Shocked, But Not Shaken

Sometimes life is going smoothly and suddenly, out of nowhere,your cage is rattled. You’re caught off guard and have the wind knocked out of you. A phone call leaves you utterly shocked. This is what happened to our family yesterday. My husband’s job was eliminated. No warning. No red flags. Nothing.

“We’re downsizing. Sorry this has to happen, but it’s the direction we must take the company.”

And so that is how our morning started off. After realizing this really happened and we weren’t dreaming, we had to pull ourselves together and do what we most often do when a crisis comes our way: We cried out to God, our Faithful Father. Although our hearts ached and confusion swirled mindlessly, we took it all to the throne of God. This most certainly caught us off guard, but it was no surprise to Him. We have no idea what lies ahead, but He does. We don’t understand the reasons or the timing, but He has a purpose and His timing is sovereign.

My human, finite mind fills with questions: Why now God? Why did we not get any warning about this? Didn’t you lead our family to this job? Don’t you know how uncertain our economy is right now?

But He whispers to my heart ever so gently, “I’m in control. Trust me. Lean not on your own understanding. I’ve carried you through trials before and I’ll carry you through this one too.”

The scripture God is shouting loud and clear to me is this: Psalm 62:1-2 “My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my fortress, I will not be shaken.”

Our true security is in God alone. Period. Sure, He blesses us with people and things that help us rest, but our ultimate rest can only be found in Him. (Is my faith being challenged since the home page on my blog is entitled “Jesus…the Ultimate Rest Stop? Am I going to live out the words I type?)

True rest can’t be found in a job. True rest can’t be found in houses or cars. True rest can’t be found in the amount of our bank account. True rest can’t even be found in the humans who love us most. No, our only source of true rest can be found in God alone.

God alone is our rock. Anything else we attempt to call our rock will only crumble. It will shatter right before our eyes.

He alone is our fortress. A fortress is where you run when you need help. Where you run to when you are in a storm. Where you run to when things fall apart. I can honestly say that physically I can’t run fast, but I’m capable of sprinting like crazy to God my fortress. It’s the only place I can find refuge.

I will not be shaken. Yes, things in life will shake around us. The economy. The weather. Our marriages. Our children. Our own prideful choices. But without a doubt, our God almighty will never be shaken. And if He lives in us, then that means WE will not be shaken.

I can’t be certain of when and where my husband will get another job. But I can be certain that God is in control. He will carry us one step at a time. We will cling to the truth that although the ground we walk on is unstable and shaky, we will not be shaken as we hold tight to HIM.

So what is shaking around you, dear friend? What are you allowing to rattle your cage? Who or what is attempting to crack the foundation of your rock? Whatever it may be, join with me in prayer as we run together to God in the midst of our challenges, trials and times of uncertainty.

Psalm 62:1-2 “My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my fortress, I will not be shaken.”