Jesus–The Ultimate Rest Stop

Jesus says in Matthew 11:28-30, “Come to ME all who are weary and burdened and I will give you REST. Take my yoke upon you and learn from ME for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your SOULS, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

This passage of scripture has been my refuge for many seasons of life. No matter what junk this life throws at me, these words of Jesus cut through it all. Have I felt weary? Multiple times! Have I felt burdened? Too many times to count! But each and every time Jesus has delivered on his promise to give me rest when I needed it most.

Ever traveled on a long road trip? Yeah, you know what I mean….those trips where you’ve sat for way too long and you just want to get out and stretch your legs. There’s no decent music on the radio and you can’t stand to watch another car pass you by. There’s no cell reception and you feel completely isolated. You’re thirsty and need a drink. You’re hungry and need a snack. And to top it off, the kids are in the back seat bickering at one another.

And then you see it up ahead………a sign that says Rest stop next exit.

You breathe a sigh of relief just pulling off the main interstate, knowing you are getting a break from all you’ve just experienced in your overcrowded car. You step out and stretch your legs. Cold water refreshes you and a quick snack energizes you, making it easier to get back in your car as you travel to your final destination. After checking the GPS you realize it’s not as far as you thought it was at first.

That’s what Jesus is for us if we will simply come to HIM. Life is a lot like traveling down a bumpy interstate road in need of construction.

We get Tired. Frustrated. Disappointed. Angry. Hopeless. Hurt.

And just when we think we can take no more, Jesus reminds us that we can get off the beaten path and come to HIM……….for rest. Not just a physical rest…..but a deep, refreshing, renewing REST FOR OUR SOULS!

So what do you need rest from dear friend? I may not know the details of your life, but I can promise you that Jesus will offer you REST if you will humbly go before Him. He is waiting. Ready to give you rest.

rest stop sign


Lisa Preuett



5 thoughts on “Jesus–The Ultimate Rest Stop

  • You bet He does. I have a whole retreat series on that and the fav is talk II – Rest Stop for the Soul (from Roadtrip with God) Thanks for your great reminder. I need a Rest stop moment by moment. Not sure how that works in the car. Oh, and I just finished reading Soul Keeping by Ortberg this morning and I cried. I need to start at the beginning and read it again. blessings! and thanks for linking on Tuesdays for the glory of God and the encouragement of our readers.


    • Sorry I’m just now responding to your comment! Not sure how I overlooked it. Thanks for stopping by! I think it’s cool that you do retreats on this topic. What a blessing it must be to those who attend to be refreshed and renewed. Blessings to you sister-in-Christ!


  • Sweet water for this soul this day! Thank you. This journey’s been getting longer by the day around here and my heart and soul were feeling SO heavy and SO weary but your words were the refreshing I’ve been praying for!


  • Lisa, love how you said:
    That’s what Jesus is for us if we will simply come to HIM. Life is a lot like traveling down a bumpy interstate road in need of construction.
    Amen! 🙂


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