17 thoughts on “Keep Moving Forward

  • Praise the Lord Lisa, that is awesome. Can I mail you my book for a signing? I’d love a signed copy. 😃 I’m super excited by all this success for you. I do love your book and bought an extra copy as a Christmas gift for a fellow runner. Thank you for your encouraging words. I pray the book success continues and others are blessed by your words.

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  • I am so grateful to have read this. I so often think if I can’t move forward in a big way or am off schedule or track, there is little point. I needed to hear…even if it is baby steps, even if I stepped backwards and even when I don’t want to I need to keep moving forward in His plan. Thank you sincerely for sharing this today!


  • Hi Lisa,
    I came to your site after seeing you commented on my post. I quickly took an interest in reading your post, comparing your publishing journey to mine (Marriage God’s Way). After reading about the success of your book, I went to Amazon to check it out and saw you went with CrossLink. They were one of the publishers (along with Ambassador International) that offered me a contract. How was it publishing with them if you don’t mind me asking? I end up not going with them, but of course I wonder how it went for you. When considering contracting with them I think I reached out to about 30-40 of their authors.

    You said, “There were many times along the journey that I wanted to quit. Didn’t think it was going anywhere. Thought I might be wasting my time and effort.” I definitely felt the same at times! Thanks for listing the hurdles you overcame; they sounded very frustrating! Congrats on the success of the book so far!


    • Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! I have loved the personal attention I received from Crosslink. Because they are a smaller publisher, I think authors don’t feel like they are being swallowed up with multiple people. I wish they did more marketing and promoting, but they just don’t do that. I am having to do a lot on my own to get the word out about my book. They give me ideas and links to pursue in promoting, but you pretty much have to do the leg work. Blessings to you!

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      • Lisa, I don’t know if you mind answering this here or would rather message me privately, but can you tell me what you feel like they did do that made it worth publishing with them versus self-publishing?


  • How wonderful God blessed the release of your book and may the blessings continue! Thanks for the encouragment about pressing forward as I have a documentary project I’m pursuing, and remember the many obstacles I’ve had on my earlier ones.. you help me to know that God’s in charge and not to loose heart.. So happy for your book out there helping so many!

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    • Thanks for your comment! So excited that you were encouraged by this post. That is my prayer every time I write something that God would use it to speak to someone. Blessings to you!


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