Branches of Humility

In the dead of winter, the trees stand barren. Without any budding leaves, they appear so dismal.  Almost as if they are whispering pangs of loneliness. Just months prior their leaves danced in the sunlight, thriving with life. But one by one, their leaves dropped to the ground as autumn exited and winter made its grand entrance.

Black_walnut_tree_winter (1)

But these barren trees in the bitter cold are a reflection of something powerful. A symbol of a deeper story that relates to each and every one of us. Don’t miss this! It’s something you’ll never forget once your eyes have been opened.

These winter trees symbolize seasons of humility. Every fiber of life seems to be disappearing right in front of our eyes. Life slows down to an abrupt halt. Just like the trees, we stand bare. The cold winds of the unexpected blow harshly deep in our souls and we feel so barren. Helpless. We can’t hide anymore. Just like the colorful leaves of autumn disappear, we’re left with nothing. We don’t feel alive. We don’t feel pretty. There’s no beauty in our days. Stripped bare of anything promising, we have NOTHING to offer.

But take a closer look at those leave-less trees. There’s something intriguing about them. On a bright-sunny day, although blistering cold, there is a unique beauty that silently whispers. Faint glimmers of hope. The sunlight twinkles more brightly through those barren branches. It seems more powerful because there’s no leaves to block its path. A transcendent splendor. You can see every tiny branch, shooting in multiple directions off the main trunk of the tree. These tiny twigs you wouldn’t see if they were covered with flourishing leaves.

Every. Single. Part of that tree is visible. Nothing is hidden.



You don’t see the winter trees bending over to hide their barrenness. You don’t see them withering away for lack of fruit. You don’t see them cutting themselves down. What are they doing?

They are standing still. Standing tall. Roots stronger than ever. They aren’t going anywhere.

They must wait. In the right time, spring will come again. New buds will grow. Slowly. One at a time.

The once barren branches will produce something beautiful when the season is over. This season of winter prepares them for spring.

We too must wait patiently through our seasons of humility. Those times when we feel utterly hopeless. Helpless–desperate for any sign of life. And just as the sunlight shines brighter through those barren branches, the love and grace of God illuminates more powerfully through our surrendered souls. A mysterious, marvelous beauty. When we have nothing to offer, this power is magnified immensely. For all to see. For all to be pointed towards our amazing God.

I’ve learned that it’s okay to be in a season of humility. When things come crashing down all around you. No fruit. No life. Everything looks dark and gloomy. It’s okay to say God, I have absolutely nothing to offer you right now. I’m bare inside and don’t feel happy. 

He welcomes our seasons of humility. He beckons us to surrender everything to Him. His astounding grace and mercy is lavished on us during these times. The end result is breath-taking. A gift only He could articulately design.

What about you? Are you walking through a season of humility? Do you feel barren and hopeless? Ashamed? Unworthy? Insecure?

Stand still, dear friend. Stand tall like the trees of winter, knowing that your roots are in place. Growing stronger with each passing day. Although you feel stripped with nothing to offer, please know you are dearly loved by our amazing God. Let His light shine through you. Soak up the warmth of His light. Breathe in the life of His presence. He’s got you. And remember…..winter doesn’t last forever. Spring is coming.


James 4:6 God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Blessings to you!

Lisa Preuett






He’s Still There

I have a new appreciation for the sun in light of the frigid and snowy winter we’ve endured thus far. Even a little glimmer of sunlight is enough to get us thinking it’s alright to pull out the flip-flops and dust off our spring clothes. Single digit temperatures have a way of giving a new perspective on the meaning of the word warm. We used to think it had to be at least 65 degrees to be considered warm outside, but now my guess is that if it’s above 50 degrees, it’s a heat wave!

I must confess that as I’m typing this first post, I am sitting in Orlando, Florida outside by a pool. The sun is brightly shining and the heat created by its warmth is overwhelmingly pleasant! (In less than 48 hours however, I’ll be leaving the sunshine and heading back home to cold weather no doubt.)

But you know what? Just because we don’t see the sun as often as we’d like; it’s still there.

And just because we don’t feel it’s warmth on a cold, wintry afternoon; it’s still there.

Even when the clouds temporarily block our view of the sun; it’s still there.

There’s a parallel we can all grasp from this when we think of God’s presence. He is always with his people, no matter what. Sometimes we go through seasons that are long……dark……and extremely cold. During these times it may be hard to see God working. We feel He is nowhere in sight. We feel lonely, lost, hopeless. But He is still there. 

Or maybe you see Him clearly working around you in other people, but you feel His presence has somehow forgotten about you and your situation. He’s answered her prayers, what about mine? My neighbors seem to be so blessed. What about me? But He is still there. 

Just like the clouds block our view of the sun, there are “clouds” of this life that seem to block our view of God. What is it for you? A challenging job situation? Difficult marriage? A savings account disappearing? Kids trying your patience? Don’t let these clouds convince you that God is not there, that He somehow doesn’t know your circumstances. HE IS STILL THERE!

The earth is actually closer to the sun in January. Now don’t ask me to explain the details of the earth’s axis and orbit, but I know this is a fact. Doesn’t make sense, does it? If we are closer to the sun in the dead of winter, then why is it so cold? Again…..don’t ask me to explain the science behind this. Perhaps there is a nugget of truth we can pull from this to parallel our own lives.

Could it be that God in His infinite power, grace and mercy promises to be even closer to us during our dead-of-winter seasons? Maybe it’s during those times that we seek Him out even more because there is no where else to go? Maybe it’s times like these that take us to our knees, crying out to Him in our most desperate moments. And He promises to carry us through those times. He promises to hold us closely to Himself. And just when you think you’ve gotten used to your “dead-of-winter” season……you see a glimmer of the sun. Just a little at first. But then you see it come and wash all over your entire being…….every fiber of your soul soaks it up. But He’s never left your side this whole time. Because HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU! 

So go ahead dear friend, lean in close to Him during your season of winter, no matter how bleak it may look. Just as we know for a fact that spring follows winter, our Father in Heaven is always there for us no matter what we see or feel.

Matthew 28:20 “And behold, I am with you ALWAYS, to the end of the age.”


Blessings to you!

Lisa Preuett